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What does an average day of eating look like on the ketogenic diet? This is my keto vlog with food and working out

I go through what foods I eat and the workout I had that day.

You can also find some of my ramblings about self-identity, your purpose and staying consistent with your goals

If you have any questions as to how I structure my nutrition and exercise, then check out one of my full day of eating on keto and OMAD

Full Day of Eating Keto OMAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oowZ8pKVJUc&index=27&list=PLMaXsmhvb0r3B34VResUU1xO4LMaWsSoK

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Stay Empowered

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Ekali ft. Denzel Curry – Babylon (Sober Rob/Oshi Remix)

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