The Keto Reset Diet: Burn More Fat & Become Metabolically Flexible – Mark Sisson Interview

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On this episode you will learn:

* How chronic cardio (and an accompanied high carbohydrate diet) eventually led Mark to a big wake up call.
* Why we often think we should just “try harder” if we’re not getting the results we want.
* What lifestyle factors endurance athletes should consider to effectively improve their results.
* What a ketogenic diet actually is.
* Why the human body is designed to efficiently store and burn body fat.
* What it means to be metabolically flexible.
* Why your body is far less likely to burn stored body fat if you’re constantly eating carbohydrates.
* The truth about the amount of carbohydrates that humans evolved eating.
* How eating candy and eating bread can have the same effect on your metabolism.
* Which one becomes insulin resistant first: fat cells or muscle cells.
* Why fruit was the perfect food to help humans fatten up as we evolved.
* The surprising amount of ketones your body can produce each day.
* The difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis.
* Why keto strips are a poor indicator of healthy ketosis.
* The impact that insulin has on ketosis.
* Who needs to be more cautious when trying a ketogenic diet.
* The benefits of MCT oil.
*How stress can be a hindrance to a successful ketogenic diet.
* What some of the biggest mistakes are that people make on a ketogenic diet.
* Simple tests to see if you’re ready to take a deep dive into ketosis.
* Why a fast metabolism might be the opposite of what you really need.
* Why developing the SKILL of reading your appetite is so important (the cheesecake example!).
* Why not having any food post-workout might carry some nice health benefits.
* Where the Atkins Diet slipped up (hint: plastic cheese!).
* The delicious healthy fats you can enjoy doing The Keto Reset Diet.
* Whether or not exogenous supplemental ketones are effective.
* What concerns you should have about nutrient deficiencies on a ketogenic diet.

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